Burning Down The House

Burning Down The House from Aletheia 333 on Vimeo.

Tuesday November 6 2018 is a day of deception for USA. Democrats have win the House, not the Senate so Trump will have difficulties to apply his agenda of saving America. We have been fooled again. I’m tired of this never ending political musical chair. I’m tired especially of the Globalists who have rigged that election. We are going to the left, going to the right, going to the center… going anywhere! I have enough!

Je parle un peu français dans ce vidéo.


Political storm coming?

Political storm coming? from Aletheia 333 on Vimeo.

The Americans are our neighbors, us the Canadians.The «Demonrats» must not gaining more power back this coming November 6. The annoying left never ceased to sabotage and violently censoring Trump supporters. I’m very worried.

Tempête politique annoncée?

Tempête politique annoncée? from Aletheia 333 on Vimeo.

Les Américains sont nos voisins, nous les Canadiens. Il ne faut surtout pas que les «Démoniaques» reprennent du pouvoir le 6 novembre prochain. Cette «gaugauche» emmerdante n’a pas cessé de saboter et censurer violemment les supporteurs de Trump. Je suis très inquiet.

Sorry Cassandra

Sorry Cassandra from Aletheia 333 on Vimeo.

No one have believed Cassandra, they all thought she was crazy. But who are the fools now? Now that the city is full of blood and burning? However she had warned you. It is now about time to ask forgiveness to all the Cassandra of our world, Donald J. Trump, Faith Goldy, Kevin J. Johnston, Jeanez Marre, Tommy Robinson, Sandra Solomon etc…

Désolé Cassandre

Désolé Cassandre from Aletheia 333 on Vimeo.

Personne n’a cru Cassandre, tous le monde pensait qu’elle était folle. Mais qui sont les fous maintenant? Maintenant que la ville est à feu et à sang? Elle vous avait pourtant prévenu. Il serait temps de demander pardon à tous les Cassandre de ce monde, Donald J. Trump, Faith Goldy, Kevin J. Johnston, Jeanez Marre, Tommy Robinson, Sandra Solomon etc…

Under Attack!

Under Attack! from Aletheia 333 on Vimeo.

Freedom of speech is under attack! Because of a mentally ill man who had killed 11 Jewish in a synagogue in Pittsburgh and who was having a Gab account, the annoying socialists-leftists who are screwing us 24 hours a days, 7 days a week, have punished Andrew Torba who is not responsible of this massacre, as also all his platform users, which I’m included, by banishing completely his social network Gab.com. It is fascism at his best, the PEOPLE are waking up and the Globalists are very scared. Hold on my friends, we are assisting to their agony and their end.